Holiday Home with MR,
Living Room

Designing a perfect quarantine shelter is not an easy task. We had to leverage all basic principles of architecture, interior design, materials and new technologies. But only by placing the house into an imaginative ideal natural environment made the concept fully complete.

The first floor of the house is simple and smart, featuring spacious living and recreational areas.

The remote location allows us to follow the organic architecture. The sliding glass wall on the front of the house makes the building more spacious and welcoming, encouraging visitors to appreciate this pure view of nature.

This house combines common and private areas in one space—for example, one of these spaces is a reading corner.

The simplicity of the interior design complements the house’s minimalistic architecture.

An open concrete bearing wall merges with the concrete floor. Textured concrete tiles distinguish the living room from the hall.

Pinewood is part of the architectural construction and interior finishing.It softens the visual contrast between industrial concrete and pure white finishing.

The transparent sliding doors divide dining and living areas, creating two separate spaces, or one extensive living area when they are open.

The house is like a living organism. Using network of sensors that track environmental changes and the physical states of the habitats adjusts everything to match activities in real-time for each small zone.

At the same time, a combination of mixed reality goggles and perfect hand tracking allows everything to be controlled on demand.

It might provide a detailed analysis of the world’s, or a neighboring area’s health situation with personalized details and recommendations.

Living on the outskirts gives you a chance to go out more and enjoy nature. Such a sophisticated system can also be used for some fun. The power of AI can help you choose between surfing and kiteboarding.😉

MR makes the whole interior an interactive object.

Other parts of the project:

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