Virtual and Augmented Reality

We provide Virtual Reality projects and are ready to help designers to transfer their projects into the Virtual world.

Virtual Reality

Interior Design is one of the most practical, business-ready areas to make use of VR as it goes beyond gaming. Virtual Reality is a perfect tool that can create a better understanding between the customer and the designer. This technology fully immerses one in the designed interior, so it's possible to feel its mood and understand its scale and distances. VR creating a window for distance collaboration with the customer in all stages of an interior design project.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world in real time. Through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Augmented Reality acts like a magic window; through the app on your phone, you can see single objects such as furniture and lighting or even see a full building, walk in it, and discover the space inside. We are providing Augmented Reality apps for IOS and Android and are working from the first stage of creating and modeling any object to the final product, where you can place these objects in real time with your phone and AR tools.

AR app of Villa design in 1:1 scale (the real time walk, recorded  from iPad screen).